Linda Snyder Linda Snyder has a rare flair for using contrasting styles, world cultures, and dramatic finishes—and turning them into acclaimed and innovative design statements.

Founded in 2005, Linda Snyder Associates Inc. strives to create dynamic designs, with inspiring architectural features referenced throughout the development of interior spaces.


The context of the location, cultural or historical influences of the region, or special character of the architecture, ownership or environment of each property influence the conceptual development of a story to be told through elements of design. All aspects of the design are developed in support of this visual story.


The effect of light on an interior environment is of primary interest to the LSA design team. Balance of light and the use of lighting features to create intrigue within each area are paramount to the development of the design story. Linda has taught lighting design in the college of environmental design at California State University Long Beach.


Successful design integrates the aesthetics of an interior space with state-of-the-art technology to meet the functional requirements of operations and guests alike. LSA approaches the coordination of systems designed by specialty consultants with creative solutions at the conceptual stages of design, to assure the seamless blend of convenience features and special effects with the visual impact of each area.

cost consciousness

Implementing projects has always been about problem-solving as much as pure design. Managing costs is as important to most clients as the look and feel of the finished product. The real challenges often involve the artful blending of reasonable-cost choices with a few critical ‘investment-pieces’ that will anchor a successful overall design scheme.

Linda Snyder Associates, with design philosophy focused on these critical principles, has built a loyal client base and accumulated an impressive roster of successful projects.